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Hands are our Life - What's news?

What's News?... in June and July 2022

Managing Osteoarthritis In Colder Months

While there is no definitive answer as to why arthritis, whether it be oesteo or rheumatoid, is thought to worsen as temperatures cool, some experts believe the reason is barometric pressure.

Barometric pressure is defined as the force exerted on your body by the weight of the air in the atmosphere, so when it drops in cool, damp weather, tissues in the joints swell and put more pressure on the nerves. Therefore, when your blood vessels constrict to help reduce the loss of body heat, the pain signals sent to your joints by your central nervous system are amplified from the overstimulation.

Some recommendations from our therapists to persevere through the pressure change:
• Dress warmly and layer clothing
• For non-medicative methods, use heat packs and/or anti-inflammatory creams.
• Wear compression glove
• Maintain your exercises program of massages and stretches
To find out more, Please feel free to speak to the staff at Noosa or Gympie. 07 5448 3268.

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